Hong Kong Ocean Park

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Today's holiday, my father and mother went to the Ocean Park.

Ocean Park is very famous in Hong Kong. Most of the tourists come to Hong Kong, and always to visit the amusement park.

In Ocean Park, we can see a variety of marine life. For example, jellyfish, octopus, dolphins and so on.

When the submarine went to Middleton, they saw a lot of sharks, devil fish, dolphin fish, and other sorts of fish. To see them, I feel I'm very happy.

Out of Middleton, one to see KFC and McDonald's, I feel more happy . Stomachs, "cuckoo" to the music started, like Mom and Dad to see, and say "Are you hungry now? I'll eat KFC and McDonald's it, Ha ha!" Into the McDonald's, I sat down, called the chicken, milk and so on food, to eat up ......

After eating , eat belly up, they play mobile games. I went to a Ferris wheel below, looked at it, wow, good high-ah! Mom and Dad took me on the go, saw a lot of beautiful scenery, I am most pleased that I was the first time get on top rides.

Roller coaster went around and saw many sitting in a truck stop in the above is called up, and I cried with them, Mom and Dad laughed, "You're naive ah!" Mom and Dad brought me up sitting in cars, they want me cried heartily, or on the sub-scene of the. Drove up, beginning slowly, and finally how fast scary man. I cried non-stop, next to the brother and sister both laughed ......

Fast the sun goes down, Mom and Dad went home with me today, ah really memorable.


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